Exploring Data K-8 Lessons
Very basic statistics with interactive activities — good for basic remediation.

Highline Advanced Math Program
A fun math enrichment program for kids in grades 5-7.

Introduction to Statistics:  Mean, Median, and Mode
Presents mean, median and mode with practice exercises.

Virtual Laboratories in Statistics
More sophisticated presentation of statistical measures, but contains an interactive applet exercise.

Java Applets
A wide variety of applets that will provide extensive practice in most concepts.

Exploring Data
A comprehensive site on statistics and probability with a readable text and some interactive practice on various graph formats.

Data Story and Library
An online library of data files and stories that illustrate the use of basic statistics methods. Provides data from a wide variety of topics so that statistics teachers can find real-world examples that will be interesting to their students.

Java Applets
This site provides links to many Java applets for statistics.

United States Census 2000
Wide variety of data materials from the Census Bureau. Click on Census in Schools for great resources.

Web Dice
Students roll dice on the net for statistical analysis and probability. Use 6 sides to simulate normal dice.

Math Archives:  Statistics
Extensive list of links to sites that deal with statistics and probability for educators.

Harcourt Animated Math Glossary
Provides descriptions of math terms for grades K-8.

What is Scientific Notation and How is it Used
Detailed explanation of scientific notation with examples.

Scientific Notation
This site provides practice in solving problems using scientific notation.

Describes rational, irrational, imaginary, and complex numbers and highlights the number 4.

The Prime Pages
Prime number research, records, and resources including ways to identify prime numbers e.g. the Sieve of Eratosthenes.

InterMath Dictionary
Detailed explanations of exponents and other topics.

Converting Fractions to Decimals and Percents
A lesson that uses a spreadsheet for showing students how fractions relate to decimals and percents.

A collection of lessons on fractions and decimals.

LavaMind’s Games for Learning
Three unique simulations designed to teach students business, math and economics, as well as to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Math League – Positive and Negative Numbers
Basic, simple review of positive and negative numbers, absolute value and coordinates.

Highline Advanced Math Program
A fun math enrichment program for kids in grades 5-7. 

Linear Equations
Simple interactive introduction to linear equations.

Mathematic Lessons
Great selection of games and activities.

Math for Morons Like Us
Great site on all topics with a focus in this section on algebraic word problems.

Math for Morons Like Us
This section focuses on graphing on coordinate plane.

Math for Morons Like Us
This section of the same site gives lots of practice on exponents.

Discovery School’s Webmath
This is a very rich site in all mathematics concepts, with instruction, practice and testing.

Rate Problems and Principles
A detailed survey of rate and time problems and procedures for their solution.

Word Problems
Simple, remedial approach to word problems with practice.

Online Clinical Calculator
Converts fahrenheit to celsius and pounds to kilograms.

All About Measurements
Basic, simple, complete measurement site with explanations and practice.

Dictionary of Units of Measurements
Very detailed site, listing all measurements, even the most exotic, alphabetically.

Metric Prefixes
Explanation of metric prefixes and links to other relevant sites.

Time Zone Converter
Time zone conversions, with links to other conversion sites.

Online Metric to English Converter
A very good site that allows you to covert from English to metric, metric to English, etc.

PBS TeacherSource
Great interactive sites on a wide variety of measurement activities.

Geometry Junkyard
Great, rich site to investigate on polyhedra from origami to complex calculations.

Geometry Applets
Great source of applets on most geometric concepts studied.

Geometry Online
A geometrically and visually rich site focusing on the pyramid.

Exploring Data
A rich site on the study of data in all aspects.

Measurement in Motion
Teachers can download a demonstration of this program on measurement of moving objects.

Project Interactive Activities
A variety of interactive programs on data analysis.

Project Interative Lessons
Concepts and lessons in clear terms in all areas of probability and statistics.

AAA All about Estimation
Great, clear lessons in estimation, including practice and activities.

AAA Math Naming Numbers
The same source, this time for the naming of numbers.

AAA Math 8th Grade
This is the entire site, with detailed activities for all aspects of relevant mathematics.

Math League
Good general algebra site, with this section focusing on word problems.

Algebra Homework Help Center
A good site for students to get practical help on their algebra homework.

S.O.S. Mathematics
A very well-organized, complete instructional site in algebra.

All basic algebra concepts introduced and explained in concentrated format.

A very good practical, organized source of word problems using algebraic concepts.

Quick Math
Provide solutions for all mathematical problems using net-based calculators.
Provides calculators, lessons, resources, and basic worksheets on a variety of algebraic topics.

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