The following information will take you through proper installation of the DigitalMath website on your local webserver (IIS) or Personal Computer.

Installing Digital Math on an Existing IIS Webserver.

Please review the following directions completely before installation. 


Create a subdirectory on your IIS Webserver called DigitalMath.
Make sure the internet guest account has permission to the newly created DigitalMath directory:

  • Open My Computer
  • Browse to the DigitalMath Directory
  • Right click on the DigitalMath Directory
  • Click on the security tab
  • Add the internet guest account. The internet guest account is in the format of IUSR_somename. The account will also be listed in Usermanager - NT4.0 or Computer Management/Local Users and Groups/Users Windows 2000. The Full Name on the account will be Internet Guest Account.


Copy and paste the contents of the DigitalMath cds to the DigitalMath directory on the IIS Webserver. Be sure to place the video files in the correct folders (Follow directions on the readme.txt on the cds).


The DigtalMath homepage is index.html. In order for this page to be found by browsers as the default home page, the IIS server must be configured to locate index pages.

To configure for Windows 2000:

  • Programs
  • Adminstrative Tools
  • Internet Services Manager
  • Go to Default Website
  • Default Website Properties
  • Documents

Default - add "index.html" if not listed

  • To configure for NT 4.0:
  • Programs
  • Windows 4.0 Option Pack
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server
  • Internet Services Manager
  • Default Website
  • Properties
  • Documents
  • Add "index.html" if not listed

Password Protecting the Digital Math Website

Note: The Digital Math website must be password protected if access is allowed via the internet.


Create a generic NT user account for access to the website that can be shared by all users:

  • Programs
  • Administrative Tools
  • Computer Management
  • Local Users & Groups
  • Users – Action – New User


Locate and highlight the DigitalMath folder using the Internet Services Manager (See step 3 - Installing Digital Math on an Existing IIS Webserver).

  • Right click on the DigitalMath folder
  • Properties
  • Directory Security Tab
  • Anonymous Access and Authentication Control [Edit] (Click on Edit)
  • (Uncheck) Anonymous Access
  • (Check) Basic Authentication
    -OR if the above doesn't work try-
  • (Check) Intergrate Windows Authentication if part of a Domain


Open up a web browser and type in the URL to the local DigitalMath site on your webserver.


A password window will open up.

Basic Authentication has a Username and Password window. Integrated Windows has a username, Password, and Domain window. If using Integrated Windows, users of the Domain can use their own accounts. Otherwise give out the generic account created in Step 1.

Personal Computer Installation


Create a folder called DigitalMath on the PC.


Copy and paste the contents of the DigitalMath website into the DigitalMath folder on the PC. (Be sure to place the video files in the correct folders.)


Open a browser and use the file open feature to browse to the DigitalMath directory/folder on the PC. Select the index.html file. Use the Bookmark or Add to Favorites option to access DigitalMath.

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