Digital Math 1.6 brings the interactivity of answering questions to every problem on the site. Now students can explore through the many Mathematics Standards problems and be able to answer them and calculate their score on every page!

Printable Assessments
Printer friendly PDF versions of the Assessments can now be downloaded, complete with special redone graphics for crisp print quality.

Linking to the problem you want
When browsing problems under the Problems section, the links take you directly to the first problem that relates to the link anywhere on the page. Many problems also list what kind of problems they relate to.

More insight on a standard
Clicking on the standard below a problem in the Assessment Section will take you to a description of that standard.

See the problem with the video
Now every problem can be viewed on the right of its corresponding video for reference.

Hold your mouse over special keywords in a word problem to see a quick definition, or click on the keyword to bring up a new window with the Glossary definition page.

Overall Improvements
Great improvements to the login system and the overall layout and organization of the site provides for a more enjoyable educational experience.